iMedX, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Amphion Medical Solutions

Strategic Acquisition Expands Portfolio of Brand Capabilities

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (JANUARY 19­, 2016) — iMedX, Inc. (iMedX), a global leader in health information and medical documentation solutions, today announced that is has successfully completed the acquisition of Amphion Medical Solutions (Amphion), a national leader of technology driven medical documentation and coding services.

This acquisition marks an important milestone in iMedX’s journey to becoming one of the world’s preeminent healthcare information solutions providers, as Amphion’s extensive portfolio, advanced capabilities, and exceptional talent pool provide significant value to the company’s long-term growth strategy, aimed at driving positive results and success for healthcare clients worldwide.

“I believe Amphion, along with the combined assets that iMedX will provide, offers the strategic advantage necessary to continue to compete successfully in our industry,” said Mike Cavill, CEO of Amphion. “Many potential suitors have shown interest in acquiring Amphion over the recent years and iMedX represented the best opportunity to benefit our employees, shareholders, and customers. We are very excited to grow as a united global company with unmatched potential.”

Additionally, the combined scale of both companies will create new opportunities for strategic expansion, as both iMedX and Amphion are very complementary in vision and in their ability to execute.

“I am proud of Amphion’s success over the past years, which has been driven by an extraordinary culture,” Cavill said. “Having spent significant time with iMedX’s leadership team, I am convinced they have a similar ambition and drive. I’m excited by what the future holds for our combined organization and look forward to being part of this dynamic new chapter for Amphion.”

Both companies have established excellent reputations within the healthcare industry based on their individual commitments to service excellence. The combination of their unique strengths allows iMedX to leverage a new set of brand capabilities that will ultimately increase the company’s ability to support and fund technological enhancements, recruitment, staffing, and training.

As a result, the combined company will be well-positioned to ensure higher quality results and performance, while also supporting clients’ goals for operational cost reductions at each stage of the transcription and coding process.

“iMedX has built a reputation based on actively investing in people and developing infrastructure to better serve customers worldwide,” said Christopher Foley, Chairman, and CEO of iMedX. “This transaction capitalizes on strong growth opportunities in a highly competitive market and affords us the ability to create additional value through increased scale, efficiencies realized by the integration of our unique capabilities, and resources necessary to achieve our ultimate goal of client success.”

“We recognize that success is not built on satisfactory, it is built on extraordinary and the opportunity to achieve this level of service excellence can only be made possible by continuing to grow and support our valued team,” Foley said. “Amphion employees will ultimately benefit by being part of an industry-leading company, which offers many opportunities for internal career growth and development. We look forward to working closely with the Amphion team to ensure a seamless transition and integration.”


Founded in 2002, iMedX is an integrated medical document management and health information solutions company based in Atlanta, GA. Through its continuously growing technological capabilities, iMedX offers a full suite of high-value revenue cycle management solutions including medical transcription, medical coding services, results-based consulting, and data analytics. For more information, visit iMedX online at or call 404-418-0096.


Amphion was forged by the healthcare industry’s need for accuracy, accountability, compliance, and timely delivery of medical record transcription and coding. The company offers customizes services to meet client needs with credentialed and accurate transcriptionists and coders, proper and correct reimbursement for your products and services, timely outsource response, HIPAA compliance, education and training, and an eye on tomorrow. For more information visit


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