Managing COVID-19 Impacts

Managing COVID-19 Impacts

Minimize revenue cycle interruptions during an unprecedented time

Staying Strong, Together

During this unprecedented time in history, we want to reiterate our commitment to the entire medical community. We understand the primary focus of our healthcare professionals is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic as it continues to affect all of our lives on a personal and professional basis. As your organizations are focused on treating patients and reassuring the community, we can ensure that you have a true partner in managing this crisis with iMedX. In response to the current situation, we have taken the actions needed to ensure continued service to our customers. Rest assured, we are prepared to continue serving you at full capacity and quality.

iMedX Operational Status

Over the weeks and months to come, healthcare providers may experience either temporary or long-term local staffing issues and have difficulty finding quality coders, billers, abstractors, and transcriptionists to handle the heavy volume. As a true partner, we are ready to assist you in addressing any gaps and formulating an action plan to ensure your revenue cycle operations are not adversely affected. Our team of proficient and knowledgeable coders are up to date on the newly released CPT codes to be used as the industry standard for streamlining and reporting on the novel coronavirus testing. We further comprehend the revenue strain this pandemic has placed on all healthcare organizations and the enormity of the tasks that lie ahead. iMedX is prepared to be an active partner moving forward in recovery.

Remote Coding

AR / Billing Operations

Remote Transcription

iMedX Analytics

iMedX Express®


We are here to help

Everyone needs a helping hand at a time like this. We are ready to assist you as much or as little as you may need. Below, we’ve identified a few common trouble areas for providers during this crisis, but we are ready to help in any capacity you need.

Telehealth coding

The iMedX staff of proficient coders has extensive experience in telehealth coding and services. Today, we are acting as an extension of your staffing needs and will continue to stay at the forefront of the medical community during this rapidly changing time in our history. Our solutions have proven to maximize revenue and improve your workflow optimization. As telehealth services continue to expand during the Covid-19 pandemic, please consider iMedX as a resource to handle the growing number of complex coding cases.

Remote clinical documentation

iMedX transcriptionists have been assisting providers with remote documentation for nearly 20 years and remain ready to serve during this crisis. We are able to work seamlessly across many systems and will continue to provide the highest level of accuracy and short turnaround times. Given our long-standing distributed workforce, we have well established and stringent security measures that surpass legal requirements. 


During this time of rapid shifting procedures and payer requirements, you can streamline your understanding of all billing aspects with a unified analytics system. iMedX Analytics systematically reveals RCM and operational issues, typically costing providers millions in unrecovered revenue. After establishing this early framework and direction, we begin liberating those dollars previously considered to be uncollectable. 

AR / RCM solutions

Ensuring your revenue cycle functions flawlessly is as vital as ever right now, but it may become slowed as providers manage these unprecedented complications in operations. We are here to help in ensuring your facility is collecting all it should. We’re able to help with collections, underpayment reviews, insurance recovery, and so much more. Our healthcare providers need support, and we’re committed to ensuring they can maintain their finances and therefore maintain their patients. 

A special thank you

Most importantly, we want to acknowledge all of the hardworking medical professionals around the world for all of their tireless work and efforts to mitigate the spread of this virus. Please understand that we are here to support you in any fashion possible now and in the future. We all have a critical part to play in combating this virus. As everyone knows, this situation is anything unlike we’ve faced in memory. However, with continued dedication and compassion, there is no doubt we will all emerge on the other end of this crisis stronger than ever before.

We are here to help

We understand the revenue strain this pandemic has placed on all healthcare organizations and the enormity of the tasks that lie ahead, and we are here for you.