Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Get back online fast after a transcription technology outage

iMedX Express DR

iMedX is committed to delivering the highest level of service. Our development team has designed our EXPRESS platform with an advanced technical infrastructure and dynamic programming features. The iMedX Express multi-tenant platform is based on the latest SSL TLS 1.2 security protocol with AES-256 data encryption for the highest data security standards in the industry. We offer data interface neutrality and customized reporting with comprehensive workflow transparency. Our workforce-on-demand resource allocation ensures the best-trained resources are focused on your work with comprehensive audit reviews. We have dedicated over ten years to ensure we deliver the best transcription value in the industry.

iMedX wants to assure our clients that we have taken every precaution to ensure their data is protected. We maintain regular platform maintenance, antivirus/malware, security audits and have implemented the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) NCCIC ICS-CERT risk mitigation standards.

We have expanded our talented workforce and technical resources to help support institutions that are searching for a partner to meet their transcription needs. Based on the proliferation of cyberattacks, we believe preparing for potential outages and maintaining a transcription disaster recovery solution is a necessity to ensure our patients, providers, and stakeholders have confidence in the future.

iMedX is proud to offer ExpressDR. Our world-class solution offers platform redundancy with service level flexibility on-demand with 24/7/365 monitoring. We are prepared to support you through any service interruptions and meet your long-term needs around the clock to earn your trust.