Humans + Technology: A match made for healthcare

Our Humanology Approach

Efficient health information management needs a combination of humans + technology. It’s vital to a quality workflow. It’s a level of critical thinking, problem solving, and logic that is unattainable with technology alone. With experience as its only source, it must be earned and it must be shared.

We analyze every aspect of health information management and incorporate transcriptionists and coders at all key process points to ensure dependable turnaround time, optimal line accuracy, and premium quality.

Bridging the Gap

While technology quickly and efficiently captures and documents your data, it can only do so much. Every precise, compliant workflow needs human intelligence, implemented at crucial points in the process to interpret context and provide unparalleled service. The iMedX approach to process does just that. We bring together innovative technology and unparalleled experience to give our clients a significant edge in clinical documentation.

Our People Make the Difference

Our people take the burden off physicians and help administrators improve overall performance. Our staff understands medical context, identifies errors, and provides unparalleled service. We’re problem solvers and critical thinkers — we’re here to help reduce process friction and provide peace of mind.