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Comprehensive, Customizable. Proven Education Solutions

iMedX’s educational training programs are designed to maximize learning and retention, minimize productivity loss and increase mastery of ICD-10 at various levels. Our personalized, interactive classroom and self-paced study programs use multiple learning and assessment tools, which makes our comprehensive packages the premier training tools for preparing your staff for ICD-10.

iMedX education consultants have trained more than 1,000 coders in ICD-10 and CPT

Our Education Solutions

iMedX University

  • Online learning management system (LMS) for ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT
  • Self-paced learning programs can be used individually or can be implemented in your facility’s existing LMS system

Intermediate ICD-10 Workshops

  • Webinars designed to take coders beyond the basics of ICD-10 training
  • Workshops include skill building, post-lesson testing and course material

Train & Code

  • One-on-one mentoring program to train beginning coders or enhance coding performance of existing coders
  • Includes daily feedback with your coders and uses your charts for training, all customized to your coder’s needs based on skill level

ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT Training

  • Live, remote interactive training is designed for personalized learning in the coding of patient medical records
  • One-on-one coder/instructor model in addition to traditional classroom model
  • Training includes pre- and post-assessments, classroom instruction, practice charts and all course materials

Advanced Training for PCS

  • Live, remote classes take a deep dive into the complexities of Obstetrics, Cardiovascular, and Orthopedic procedures that basic training can’t match

Our Platform: iMedX University

All iMedX education and training is done through iMedX University. iMedX U is a state-of-the-art online learning management system that combines interactive multi-media with a vast array of course and content options to cover any student’s needs. Designed for maximum portability and availability, iMedX U can be accessed through any tablet, PC, or browser of your choice. iMedX U’s content was developed by our Training and Education Team comprised of senior education consultants. The consultants have trained over 1,000 coders in ICD-10 and serve as our expert resource for our coders and consultants. Each course is structured in an easy-to-learn format including narration and real-life cases.

Live Remote Interactive Education

  • Proven individualized training
  • One-on-one trainer/coder model
  • Outpatient to Inpatient coder training
  • Enhance skill set while simultaneously advancing career
  • Coders learn at their own pace, on their own time
  • Significant reduction in QA post-training
  • Pre-tests to identify key coding concepts that should be included in training

Perfect for Personal Education

  • Easy, affordable education
  • Fits your life – learn when & where you want
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Practice real-life cases

Ready for Facility-Wide Training

  • Over 150 real-life practice cases
  • Track coders’ scores
  • Pre-training assessments
  • Extensive PCS Reference Library
  • Post-training competency exams
  • Continuing education webinars – AHIMA CEUs

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