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iMedX Express® is our web-based platform that allows secure access to both dictation status and completed documents. Its six main modules are: Editor, Admin, Provider, Console, Connect, and Upload.

Express Modules


For those doctors dictating on handheld digital devices (e.g., Olympus or Phillips devices), the iMedX Express® Upload application is used to sync the audio files to the iMedX data center. The iMedX Express® Upload application runs on a client PC. When the doctor attaches a dictation device to the PC, the application will automatically sync the data to the PC and then to the iMedX data center.

Audio is uploaded to the data center from iMedX Express® Upload via secure, 256-bit encrypted HTTPS connections.


Audio files are routed to transcriptionists who work on the iMedX Express® Editor transcription application. Jobs are automatically routed to transcriptionists based on customer, doctor, transcriptionist, worktype, and priority. The system is always looking for the best match between job and transcriptionist, while ensuring that jobs are returned within any given turnaround targets (TATs).

iMedX Express® Editor supports transcription directly from audio and also draft generation via automatic speech recognition. Speech recognition is trained automatically for each doctor and document worktype. The application also supports a high-productivity editing environment; medical and pharmaceutical spelling verification and correction; text expanders; pre-defined document templates and normals; patient lookup; referring doctor lookup; multi-editor workflows; and random QA sampling.

The iMedX Express® Editor application communicates with the data center via secure, 256-bit encrypted HTTPS connections.


Draft transcriptions are delivered to dictating doctors and practice administrators via the iMedX Express® Provider application. This application allows doctors to listen to previously dictated audio recordings; find, review, edit, save, and sign transcriptions; upload final documents to a customer-based EMR or file folder; print transcriptions; and automatically fax transcriptions to referring doctors. The application supports multi-sign workflows. Workflows can be configured per doctor or per customer so that the system automatically triggers actions based on system events (e.g., signing a document).

iMedX provides long-term storage of medical transcriptions. Doctors and office staff can retrieve documents from any point in the past.

The iMedX Express® Provider application communicates with the data center via secure, 256-bit encrypted HTTPS connections.