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Every Line Matters

Medical transcription is a critical part of the clinical documentation process. Today’s issues, such as backlogs, costs and lack of staffing due to COVID-19, can take attention away from the more serious issues, such as future-proofing your technology, increased staffing costs, and resource shortages. HIM is faced with these challenges while simultaneously supporting physicians as they go through healthcare reform and a move toward value-based reimbursement.

At iMedX, we combine deep transcription expertise with leading technology to deliver a solution that is both high-performance and cost effective — merging together the essential, critical thinking of experienced transcriptionists and the innovation of advancing clinical documentation technology. Our state-of-the-art technology and services are proven to work for healthcare providers worldwide, from single hospitals to large health systems.

The iMedX Transcription Advantage

Quality Doesn’t Cost; It Pays

By focusing on quality in all aspects of our transcription solutions, we avoid errors and re-works — saving you time and money. We hire only the best people and employ a series of metrics at each stage of the transcription process to ensure we deliver quality results.


Number of Physicians Served by Us Daily:


Our Number of Years in the Medical Transcription Industry


The Size of Certified and Thoroughly Tested Transcription Team

Value & Accuracy

Cost containment is a reality of health care. The challenge is to achieve cost savings while maintaining, or even improving, the quality of care. At iMedX, we employ a proprietary solution model that delivers on quality and performance while also supporting our clients’ goals for operational cost reductions.


Number of Lines Produced Daily

Top Turnaround Times

Speed is essential for success in both patient care and revenue cycle management. We’re always effectively staffed to ensure production coverage in peak volume periods and our technology is designed to maximize the speed of our transcription team. We can even establish and customize turnaround time standards to meet your specific needs.

Our Transcription Solutions

  • Enterprise level transcription solutions
  • Dictate & review documentation on mobile, tablet, or computer
  • Full, partial, and backlog outsourcing
  • Inpatient and outpatient support
  • Radiology transcription
  • Pathology transcription
  • Production on all major vendor platforms
  • MTs have an average of 11 years experience
  • Dedicated, accessible customer service representatives

Professional Transcription and Quality Control Staffing

iMedX employs only experienced medical transcriptionists and quality auditors that pass a rigorous testing process prior to joining our organization. Each transcriptionist/auditor is required to complete and pass a medical language evaluation, English grammar evaluation, as well as tests geared towards the specific medical specialty on which they will be working. The iMedX quality control team performs both real time and retrospective quality audits on each transcriptionist using the industry standard AHDI transcription quality grading criteria. Our quality control process is designed to provide a timely and accurate reflection of the overall quality of documents produced by each transcriptionist on a daily basis. Additionally, iMedX will provide each customer with a formal audit report each month detailing the results of the monthly quality audit. This report is reviewed with the customer to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the overall quality of their reports.

Customers Served

iMedX provides medical transcription services to customers worldwide ranging from small private practice physicians to large multi-specialty acute care facilities. Our transcription solution is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual customer to ensure that we not only meet customer expectations but also provide maximum value to the healthcare organizations we serve.

Customized Documentation Workflow

From a workflow management perspective, iMedX staffs each customer account to ensure that contracted Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are met 24/7/365. During the implementation process, customer expectations relative to turnaround times for each worktype, document template formatting requirements, and transcription instructions are clearly defined. These guidelines are documented and shared with each transcriptionist and quality control staff member dedicated to the customer account.

Customer Service

iMedX utilizes a large pool of dedicated resources to ensure that all customer service needs are met on a timely basis. In addition to a dedicated Operations Account Manager, the iMedX Customer Service Help Desk is available 24/7/365 to assist each customer either by phone or via email. The iMedX Customer Service Account Manager works directly with the individual point of contact at each customer facility to ensure that the customer is satisfied with all aspects of service provided by iMedX.

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