Coding Audits

Coding Audit Services

Maximize coding accuracy and maximize revenue


iMedX’s coding review program (formerly know as Continuous Coding Quality Monitoring or CCQM) is custom designed to identify persistent coding error patterns specific to your organization. Inpatient and outpatient coding experts are on hand to partner with your coding team to eliminate coding errors and provide education to address problem areas and takes proactive action.

  • Monitoring pre-bill coding
  • Feedback on all code changes and supporting documentation
  • Comprehensive analysis of coding trends by department and/or coder
  • In-service education to enhance coding skills
  • One-on-one coder training

iMedX ExpressCode®

From assisting significant clients in ICD-10, iMedX is acutely aware of the challenges with the reviews, ranging from reduction in budgets to resource scarcity. iMedX has developed a state-of-the-art review and reporting technology to address these issues – ExpressCode®. It not only automates these reviews and integrates with your EMR, but identifies specific areas that the coders repeatedly have issues, thereby providing a platform for continuous improvement by pinpointing areas for coder education. ExpressCode® allows you to comply with the ICD-10 requirement to have ongoing external and internal accuracy reviews on a bigger sample size and provide timely ongoing feedback to improve coders’ skills.


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