Modern Technology

Deep expertise with intelligent code


A highly secure, reliable data center used to store data and applications

Application Suite

A suite of applications that support our documentation workflow and customer needs


A professional and customizable service

Transcription Technology


iMedX’s state-of-the-art transcription technology provides clients with an effective blend of speed, flexibility, and reliability. Unlike many other vendors, we build, own, and support our own technology. Our customers worldwide use our systems and services every day to create and manage medical documentation. To support the myriad workflows and customer needs, we have developed a highly customizable platform.

iMedX Express®

iMedX Express is our web-based platform that allows secure access to both dictation status and completed documents. Its six main modules are: Editor, Admin, Provider, Console, Connect, and Upload. Learn More

iMedX Mobile DocAssist®

iMedX Mobile with DocAssist is our innovative application that allows you to view and update patient schedules, scroll through demographic information, view previously transcribed documentation, and dictate securely — all from your smartphone or tablet. Learn More