iMedX Continues Strong Growth, Makes Two New Strategic Acquisitions

Third-Largest Medical Documentation Company Adds Talent and New Customers

Atlanta, November 07, 2014 – iMedX, a leading health information solutions company and a leader in medical documentation solutions, today announced that it has made the strategic acquisition of two medical documentation companies — Superior Global Solutions, Inc., based in Plano, TX, and Medwrite Inc., based in Anaheim, CA — for undisclosed terms.

iMedX, the third-largest company in the industry in terms of revenue, combines technology with exceptional customer service to deliver unparalleled solutions for medical documentation, medical coding services and data analytics solutions.

“These strategic acquisitions are a win-win for all – Superior Global, Medwrite, and most of all, our customers,” said iMedX CEO Christopher Foley. “Both companies complement iMedX’s growth strategy. As a part of iMedX, Superior Global and Medwrite customers will be able to access a broader set of technology solutions and our exceptional service. For iMedX, the acquisitions bring us world-class talent and marquis customers. We welcome these companies to the iMedX family.”

The medical documentation solutions industry continues to grow in the United States driven by the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act, the HITECH Act and the ICD-10 coding initiative. Acute care institutions and large physician practices look to companies like iMedX to help them work through their medical documentation challenges in the highly complex healthcare environment.

The latest iMedX strategic acquisitions were funded with a round of equity and debt financing through both new and existing investors late last year. The financing enables iMedX to build out its clinical documentation and transcription business and continues to fund significant strategic acquisitions to fulfill iMedX’s growth strategy and vision.