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Case Study: iMedX Echo™ at Texas Orthopaedic

iMedX’s virtual scribe services, known as iMedX Echo, are positively impacting practices by helping them to optimize their existing EHR system, streamline documentation, and restore the joy of practicing medicine. For Dr. Kruse at Texas Orthopaedic Associates, virtual scribe services…

The Value of Medical Coding Audits

The coding process is often overlooked but is vital to an institution’s financial success via reimbursement and compliance. Medical coding is burdened with the risk of compliance penalties stemming from improper coding due to either the code chosen or a…

Understanding CMS Price Transparency

Consumers and patients now have visibility into the out-of-pocket cost of standard care from a provider. Insurance companies and healthcare systems will now disclose the estimated cost a patient will have to pay before receiving care. The end goal is…


As a small community hospital, we have experienced an exciting financial turn-around due, in part, to iMedX’s high quality coding services. We receive the highest priority and consistently maintain a low DNFB and great communication!


Overcome financial challenges during COVID-19. Learn how we can help.