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iMedX Mobile® DocAssist Privacy Statement

The iMedX Mobile DocAssist application (“DocAssist”) is owned and operated by iMedX, Inc.  We recognize the importance of privacy to you and are firmly committed to protecting your privacy when you use the DocAssist application.  As a result, we have instituted this privacy policy, which explains what data is collected by the DocAssist application and how that data is used.

User and Application Usage Data Collected

The DocAssist application collects usage data only directly related to the usage of the DocAssist application itself.  This data is necessary for monitoring and enforcing security controls primarily concerned with limiting access to confidential medical data.  Only registered users are able to use the application, with proper credentials, and only to access medical data directly related to each user’s own patients.  Thus, application usage data is collected on successful logins, unsuccessful logins, logouts, creation of new medical dictations, listening to medical dictations, viewing and signing medical transcriptions, and other DocAssist application events.  This data is maintained by the system to allow iMedX to monitor application access.  All data collected is stored in a manner limiting access to authorized iMedX staff, and only in support of providing the application services.

In addition to application usage data, the only other information collected is device model information and OS version information.  This data is used strictly for diagnostic purposes of the DocAssist application.

Data Not Collected

The DocAssist application does not collect any other user or usage data other than what is listed above.  Notably, the application does not track user location, non-DocAssist application access, smart phone usage patterns, phone calls, credit card information, device user IDs, web sites visited, etc.  No data generated by applications or the smart phone itself are collected, other than what the DocAssist application collects on its own usage.

Audio Data

The DocAssist application’s primary function is to capture audio data (i.e., audio files) concerning medical transcriptions.  Thus, the application necessarily collects audio data dictated by users.  This audio data is used strictly in the fulfillment of iMedX services for the delivery of medical transcriptions.  Audio data is maintained on the DocAssist device until it is successfully uploaded to the iMedX data center and a corresponding transcription is delivered.  Audio data in the iMedX data center is purged after 90 days.


– This Privacy Statement was last revised on and is effective as October 1, 2018.

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