iMedX Analytics: Transparency in clinical documentation

Get greater visibility of your transcription volume, turnaround times and productivity with the iMedX  Analytics dashboard – updated automatically!


Using our data analytics suite for transcription activity, iMedX Analytics transforms data into actionable business insights delivered through an easy to use dashboard interface. Say good bye to manual tracking and excel spreadsheets!

You can easily see and understand vital parameters such as volume trends, turnaround times, work types, productivity, and much more all without the need for spreadsheets and manual data analysis. When you are able to understand your clinical documentation operations clearly, the opportunities for efficiency, quality, and revenue improvements are endless.

The dashboard allows you to customise your analytics:

  • Include activity from your in-house typists and iMedX typists and compare volumes,
  • Choose the graph formats you’d prefer to view your data in, and
  • Request reports on whichever measurement option you like.

The dashboard has three sections:

  1. The Volume Dashboard presents many data elements which are essential for making informed staffing, turnaround time, and cost projection decisions. Gain a new understanding of your documentation process with trends by work type, dictator, and jobs marked for review. Dictation issues type can be rapidly identified and resolved. Additionally, the volume dashboard allows you to see your complete transcription situation, including total minutes, total jobs, and averages by time.
  2. The TAT Dashboard tracks turnaround time and delivery of transcription. Quick turnaround times are essential for quality patient care and communication. With the TAT dashboard, you can easily identify current TAT loss related to a number of factors including provider, work type, facility, and more. Filters are available to select the desired date range, dictator, work type, or location for viewing trends in various graph formats. Trends, heat maps, and raw numbers are visible at a glance and immediately provide an understanding of where, when, and why TAT may be suffering.
  3. The Productivity Dashboard provides a complete view of the throughput for both your in-house typists as well as iMedX typists. This dashboard enables you to see broad trends in addition to individualised trends for specific typists. The productivity report is helpful for understanding the productivity of your MT base, which enables you to implement management processes as required.

iMedX Analytics for transcription enables you to understand your dictation to transcription workflow with ease. To set up iMedX Analytics with your iMedX transcription solution email us at

To find out more information on our dictation and transcription solutions, send us an email or call us on 1300 727 423.