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Medical Transcription Solutions

Access full outsource, co-source or backlog & overflow transcription that is aligned to your needs.


iMedX aims to support providers in delivering excellent patient care and to operate efficiently.

iMedX Clinical Documentation solutions can

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Documentation
  • Radiology Transcription
  • Pathology Transcription
  • Production on all major vendor platforms
  • Highly experienced transcriptionists across all medical specialties
  • Dedicated, accessible customer service representatives

Our Transcription Solutions

Whatever  your documentation needs are, and whatever your organisational staffing profile is, we have a solution for you.


As Australia and New Zealand’s leading medical transcription organisation, our competitive outsourced model assists your organisation by achieving bottom-line documentation cost savings associated with transcription and document delivery, complimented with an increase in organisation productivity via an integrated dictation, and electronic document management solution.

Every aspect of initial dictation, file transfer, accurate and fast transcription and post transcription delivery have been fine tuned to provide healthcare professionals with a similarly professional service.

Exceptional clarity, high levels of security, confidentiality and privacy and efficient file return/delivery are all hallmarks of the way we work – and how we’ve built our global reputation.

Entrust your transcription and documentation needs to iMedX and benefit from the following features:

  • Custom & flexible solution design allows for tailored solutions to meet the requirements of your unique workflow.
  • Manage your documentation process with efficient administrator and clinician review platforms.
  • Reduce postage delivery costs and paper handling with integrated electronic delivery to the GP, Fax, or via internal electronic distribution.
  • Leverage comprehensive reporting to improve regulatory compliance –  report & understand your billing, workflow, episode & referrer metrics related to your clinical documentation process.
  • Commanding ability to generate an unlimited number of meaningful & time saving templates.
  • Improve transcription production with an integrated transcription platform designed specifically to improve medical transcription turnaround and performance.
  • Mobile access enables clinicians to review, edit and approve anywhere, anytime!


Co-Sourcing is often preferred by larger institutions and organisations, as it enables the effective control of your transcription delivery turnaround by sharing production between internal and iMedX typists, whilst delivering an integrated and intuitive platform to your administrators and clinicians! This model also delivers health services a seamless path to outsource, whereby their aging workforce retire organically and are back-filled by the iMedX transcription team over time.

Our Client Alignment Program enables the merging of in-house medical transcriptionists with iMedX’s proven workflow and accuracy improvement processes. Using our technology, your Medical Typists will realise better job satisfaction and higher productivity for your organisation.

Our implementation team will re-design the entire process to work with your existing staff with the added benefit of you being able to access supplementary staff who will work on the same platform and technology.

Co-Sourcing benefits:

  • Simple Integration and Training
  • Minimal MT downtime during system conversion
  • Retain your current typists
  • Holiday, sick leave and overflow resourcing
  • Manage turnaround time compliance with ease
  • Increased reporting and compliance

Backlog & Overflow

iMedX offers a range of solutions  that can assist in the transcription of  your backlog or overflow requirements when you need them.

Our solutions can be implemented quickly and result in accurate and efficient turnaround of large volumes of dictations.

Systems such as WINSCRIBE, OLYMPUS, LANIER, PHILLIPS or DATAWORX can intelligently export and upload voice files into the iMedX solution, carrying all dictation metadata and patient demographic information. Files are typed quickly and delivered accurately, resulting in minimal double handling and fast reduction of your backlog.

Client Alignment Program (CAP)

Align your staff with ours to share the workload

The iMedX CAP program involves training a provider’s transcription staff on our platform, including them into our transcription community and giving them the tools they need to become more productive and efficient typists.  This enables the in-house transcription team to transcribe more efficiently, whilst also enabling simple and easy access to the iMedX transcription team when required.

Critically, the CAP enables customers to benchmark their typing productivity, avoid backlogs, and manage seasonal peaks and troughs with no change to documentation workflow.

The CAP training offers your organisation these additional benefits:

  • Integrated technology & workflow processes allow your MTs to become more productive.
  • Dramatically reduces the need to go back and forth accessing copying and pasting data.
  • The iMedX platform’s simple layout means your MT training is minimal.
  • Repetitive workflow processes are either removed or drastically reduced.
  • We provide comprehensive training for typists and line manages with continuous after-care and production support.

Why Choose Us

Why Clinicians Choose iMedX

  • Anywhere, anytime access to their clinical documentation
  • Intuitive dictation, review and approval processes that is simple to use
  • Real-time access to patient appointment list and transcription history, making dictation
  • Accurate and reliable Turnaround of transcription, all year round

Why Health Information Managers Choose iMedX

  • Documentation workflow management is simple and effortless
  • Manage transcription resourcing between in-house and outsource typists with ease
  • Measure and compare real typist productivity and costs
  • Native workflow dashboards enable you to quickly identify bottlenecks
  • A comprehensive reporting suite allows you to understand your workflow metrics, costings and track KPI compliance
  • 24/7/365 remote support for Administrators, Clinicians and Typists

Why CIOs Choose iMedX

  • No capital expenditures
  • SaaS model ensures accurate solution cost containment
  • Fast implementation
  • Integrates with any leading PAS, EHR or eSMR system, and with legacy dictation platforms
  • Simple and convenient system administration via our web-based management portal – no local software required
  • Secure and compliant cloud hosting with fully redundant servers and comprehensive disaster recovery processes

Why Typists Choose iMedX

  • Software designed specifically for Medical Transcriptionists
  • Easier and more productive transcription processes
  • Enables them to work from home, and gives them flexibility to their work-life balance
  • Ability to upskill and become a more productive speech Editor
  • Integrated PAS and EHR workflows automates documentation and transcription processes