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Clinical Coding & Auditing

Consistent quality & timely completion

About our Coding services

Our core purpose is to provide continuous, accurate & timely services for all  your coding and auditing needs.

Our team of coders and auditors have a minimum of 5 years of coding experience with our auditors having an additional 3 years minimum of auditing experience. All are Australian qualified and competent in all specialties and care types.

Our team are also experienced in mentoring coders, clinician or coder education, and take pride in providing both accuracy and throughput.  iMedX coders and auditors can be deployed in Australia, New Zealand or internationally.

We offer coding & auditing solutions that meet your needs operate seamlessly within your systems and satisfies your need for dependable service. iMedX is structured and staffed to meet any time-frame and resource requirements,  resulting in enhanced compatibility, compliance and performance.

Outsourcing is easy, can be provided onsite or remotely via our Australian based team

5+ years AU/NZ experienced clinical coders

We will help you identify revenue and meet your billing cycle/submission deadlines

Our dedicated team of available coding specialists ensure that compliance is not comprised to maintain productivity


iMedX has a dedicated team of experienced Clinical Coders and Auditors who can work across the full range of specialities required in Australian and New Zealand hospitals. We deploy our solutions fast, and are flexible in how we support your organisations coding needs.

Remote or Onsite Coding Services

iMedX specialises in providing the following services with Australian trained and qualified clinical coders to assist you with your coding needs:

  • Backlog coding  assistance
  • Leave replacement coding
  • Fast deployment of coders
  • Remote and onsite deployment
  • Long- and short-term assignments
  • Part or full outsourcing of your coding requirements
  • Paper based medical records, hybrid systems or complete EMRs

We service all specialities across:

  • Public & Private Hospitals
  • Day Surgeries
  • Subacute and Mental Health Services
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres

Why use our remote services?

  • On-board iMedX quickly: Remote access means our Coders can be working in your facility sooner rather than later. Our operations team with your IT team to ensure secure, seamless and compliant access is attained quickly, so we can get to work!
  • Take advantage of coder efficiency and production: Using the services from iMedX will allow you access to as many or as few coders as needed. This access to a team of coding specialists can allow work to be performed more efficiently and in a timely manner without wasting money to pay for extra staff when there is less work to be done.
  • Save space in your facility: Remote clinical coding can allow you to send coding responsibilities to an offsite location, which will reduce the amount of space and costly equipment you need for in-house coding. This is especially important for smaller hospitals that are already pressed for space as it allows them to use their space for other functions.

Coding Auditing Services

We collaborate with highly experienced auditors who have worked extensively across Australia and New Zealand. Our auditors have an excellent track record of meeting their obligations and responsibilities. Our auditors take pride in delivering a high level of service to each audit they work on.

Auditing services

  • Auditing for documentation and coding accuracy
  • Optimisation for Activity Based Funding requirements for the Public Sector
  • Health Fund Contract Compliance/Billing Auditing for Private Healthcare facilities
  • Revenue Cycle Management for billing process improvement
  • Provision of audit samples & customised reports
  • Remote and Onsite Clinical Coding Audits
  • Ongoing or one-off audit programs are available

Audit features

  • All audits are 100% customised for your site-specific needs and include onsite feedback at the conclusion of the audit, and a comprehensive summary report
  • For multi-campus audit programs, we include benchmarking data
  • All audit programs have a dedicated Project Manager and Assignment Lead
  • Program throughput is controlled via daily KPI reporting

Revenue Assurance & Billing Audits

iMedX provide validation against your business rules and confirmation of billing accuracy via our Revenue Assurance programs:

  • Business rules compliance audits
  • End-to-end Revenue Cycle Process Audit (pre-admission to cash)
  • Targeted Education program

Clinical Documentation Improvement Programs (CDI)

Improve the quality of documentation in medical records to capture the highest specificity so that improved patient outcomes, data quality and accurate reimbursement are ensured.

iMedX targets the root cause and delivers a solution to your clinical documentation accuracy deficiencies by providing a full package of services, including baseline assessments, training and education for all clinical documentation stakeholders.

iMedX CDI Programs are:

  • Aligned. We ensure our program supports your strategic objectives, operations and budget constraints.
  • Scalable. We customise the programs to your specific hospitals needs whether large or small, metro or regional.
  • Flexible. Our CDI programs can vary in scope based on your needs, and can evolve with time.
  • Cost-effective. Our tailored programs enable you to control the cost. They can also be bundled with other iMedX services including Coding, Transcription or Health Consulting.
  • Measureable. Our programs have native measurements and milestones that substantiate the outcomes of the CDI initiatives.
  • Engaging. Through targeted, informed and captivating education delivery to CDI stakeholders our programs have longer lasting impact on your people and culture.

Coder & Clinician Education

Our team are skilled in providing education to both clinicians and coders in an informative & educational manner.

All clinician and coder education is customised to meet the needs of the client and can include, but is not limited to:

  • Accurate application of Australian Coding Standards
  • Assistance in areas of coding deficiencies
  • Specific speciality education
  • Establishment of coding and auditing processes within organisations/departments
  • Effective documentation techniques for clinicians

Health Information Services Reviews

iMedX can assist with all your Health Information service needs including:

  • Health Information Service Reviews
    • Coding process reviews to improve coding outcomes
    • Forms review to improve clinical documentation for coding
    • Resource and skill set evaluation
    • Establishment of audit program templates
  • Data reporting e.g. State, Health fund or Hospital Casemix Protocol
  • Coder education programs
  • Clinician education programs
  • Assistance in transition from a paper medical record

Experience & Flexibility

Our team are experienced Australian qualified Clinical Coders and can adapt to any record — paper, electronic, or hybrid. With electronic access we code and abstract directly into your system, making the integration seamless. Add to that our experienced coding for all your medical specialities, both acute and sub acute, and you’ll see that we’re ready to tackle any work requirement you have. iMedX offers both remote and onsite clinical coding to greater enhance flexibility to accommodate your needs.


iMedX excels in continuity and consistency of service, and we ensure your coding quality and throughput is maintained.  Right from the beginning of your assignment we take great care. Firstly in selecting the best clinical coder(s) for you and then working with you, and your coding team to ensure a successful on-boarding to your service.  We provide a consistent, ongoing service with our qualified clinical coders, who are up to date with ACS, IHPA and Australian/local and New Zealand Coding rules.


iMedX will give you the ability to keep your coding on target and output accurate. Our audit services will identify revenue issues and areas for improvement, and can deliver the education programs required to resolve them.

We focus on accuracy and throughput, with our local Australian management team’s oversight over all our clients’ assignments – large or small, ongoing or short term – we deliver results.

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