Our Clinical Documentation systems are functional, reliable and proven

Experienced Team delivering Innovative Technology

iMedX’s utilises the Nuance Escription platform, a state-of-the-art technology that provides clients with an effective blend of speed, flexibility, and reliability.

Over 450 clients across Australia and New Zealand use our systems and services every day to create and manage thousands of dictations and transcriptions. To support their myriad workflows our clients need we ensure our solutions highly customisable, easy to integrate and simple to operate.


A highly secure, reliable data center used to store data and applications, with all data at rest and in transit encrypted via 256 AES encryption

Application Suite

A all in one suite of applications that support your documentation workflow, from dictation to delivery


Our professional and experienced team will ensure the successful deployment of our technology works, and is loved by your users

EMR Integration

Australasia’s healthcare industry is changing rapidly.  EMR adoption is the primary focus of many health-networks.  Navigating EMR adoption for the future can be difficult when trying to balance the ability to provide engaged patient care today. iMedX’s cost-effective documentation solutions can seamlessly and securely integrate with all leading EMR platforms allowing you to benefit from outsourcing, whilst leveraging your EMR documentation workflows. iMedX has completed over 7 EMR interfaces with Epic and Cerner across Australia.

Whether you have an EMR implemented, or have one on your road-map, let the iMedX solution assist your transcription needs with ease at any point along the process.

Comprehensive Interfaces

  • Work in partnership with the iMedX Australia implementation team to design custom interfaces against EMR vendor specifications or your own workflow requirements
  • Utilise your Nuance Escription workflow today, and transition easily to your chosen EMR workflow of tomorrow
  • Leverage our extensive knowledge in workflow requirements and interfacing standards
  • Data transmission supports inbound ADT demographic information as well as free custom exports which can be configured to automatically render documentation within any part of the client system via HL7 messaging

Practice Management Integration

Our custom interfaces allow you to maximise your productivity by allowing your systems to speak with ours!  Practice management integration allows your patient appointment lists and referring doctor databases to be loaded into your iMedX account – producing faster, more accurate documentation with minimal double handling! Clinicians and administrators love it!

iMedX integrates with all leading practice
management solutions including

  • Genie Solutions
  • Clinic2Cloud
  • Shexie Medical Systems
  • BlueChip/Medical Director
  • Houston Medical
  • Dox
  • DirectControl
  • Medtech 32
  • Medical Wizard

iMedX Electronic Secure Message Delivery

iMedX messaging is the secure and preferred method to deliver your patient correspondence. The iMedX messaging solution is an excellent way to easily utilise electronic messaging.  Unlike standard secure messaging, whereby you must manually select the electronic recipient from your own address book, our system automatically routes the document delivery when the doctor signs off. It couldn’t be easier!

iMedX secure message delivery can be by used with the following leading secure messaging providers in Australia and New Zealand.

Why should you use iMedX Secure Messaging?

  • SMD Provider integrated address books mean we manage the recipient databases for you!
  • Secure messaging is made simple with our integrated distribution portal, which automatically routes the correspondence electronically as soon as the clinician signs off!
  • Referred patient letters are delivered directly into the GP’s practice management software, saving them time, and you money!
  • Reduce your paper handling and administrative costs by sending electronically!
  • Fast delivery vs postal correspondence improves access to clinical information!
  • Comprehensive and secure approved audit trail for each message delivery!
  • Used for over a decade by hospitals, GPs, specialists, Medicare Locals and allied health providers
  • Easy to use – with the peace of mind of a dedicated help desk if you need support

iMedX Secure Postage Services

iMedX offers a secure and simple solution for outsourced print and post services. As soon as the clinician signs off on the document, it is printed and dispatched within 24 hours across Australia or New Zealand!

Why should you use our postage services?

  • Distribution occurs in a secure postage facility in Victoria, in an access controlled cage accessible only via authorised personnel.
  • Printing and distribution occurs automatically without human intervention, via propriety integrated bar-coding and automatic folding and secure packaging technology!
  • Complete audit trail capability of printing and postage. We can tell you exactly when each piece of correspondence was posted, not just printed!

Note: We do not utilise staff to manually print, read and sort clinical correspondence – your patient information is secure with iMedX.

Mobile Enabled

Smartphones are quickly becoming universally accepted platforms for technology to extend its reach into the health-care industry. Bring your own device enabled platforms are widely accepted as a suitable solution to improve access to clinical information, increase clinician productivity and reduce overhead costs.  The best bit – dictating clinicians love it!

The iMedX mobile app eliminates costs associated with traditional dictation devices, whilst adding convenience and flexibility to users in the documentation process.  The app is free and available on both iOS and Android devices.

It is easy to use and allows clinicians to dictate, edit and review their documentation from anywhere via a secure Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

Security & Privacy

As a major provider of Medical Transcription and Clinical Coding services in Australia, iMedX highly values and prioritises privacy, confidentiality and security for all clients. Subsequently we have implemented a thorough policy to ensure that compliance is maintained throughout the organisation.

iMedX’s policies and procedures cover the following primary tenets; confidentiality, privacy, integrity and availability:

  • Confidentiality: ensuring authorised users only have access to a minimal subset of data that is sufficient to carry out the function for which they have been tasked or engaged;
  • Privacy: ensuring the collection and sharing of data about an individual or business that is has a contracted relationship with iMedX, remains within its control at all times;
  • Integrity: safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information including its long and short term storage, processing and distribution;
  • Availability: ensuring that information is available when and where needed to authorised users.

iMedX continually ensures that Privacy, Confidentiality and Security measures are strictly maintained across our organisation. These processes are in-line with the requirements of the Health Records Act 2001 and its underlying Health Privacy Principles, as well as the Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s) 2014 and the Data Protection Act 2014. For more information on our privacy policy, please contact us today.