Turning the Tide on Outsourcing in Medical Transcription


Medical documentation requires precision, technical capabilities, knowledge of the field and, frequently, quick turnarounds. These demands in such a critical aspect of healthcare — particularly in medical transcription — often lead practitioners and providers to turn to outside resources. More, the growing number of regulations and guidelines associated with medical documentation contribute to this conversion. The stigma associated with outsourcing, though, makes many healthcare institutions think twice about embracing it — and if they end up taking advantage of the service, they feel compelled to hide or make excuses for doing so.


Despite the speculation surrounding outsourcing medical transcription, Black Book Market Research reports transcription services are now outsourced by 63% of hospitals and expected to grow to more than 70% of providers by the end of the year. Myths and inaccuracies suppress the well-documented benefits of outsourcing medical transcription. Outsourcing improves a facility as a whole by allowing for enhanced service levels, reduced financial burdens and a more focused staff — things both organizations and their patients can appreciate.


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