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Support Our Friends & Partners in Australia Battling Brushfires

The whole of the iMedX family around the world stands strong with our team, friends, and partners in Australia as they brave through the ongoing and devastating brushfires. With over half of the Australian population directly affected by the fires, we are taking action to mobilize our international team in support.

Please Contribute Now

Together, we can help our Australian neighbors rebuild, recover, and prepare for potential hardships ahead.



About The Australian Red Cross

Red Cross is a trusted partner in disaster response, with decades of experience in caring for people affected by earthquakes, cyclones, floods, storms, fire, drought and other emergencies. Your contributions will have a direct impact in rebuilding communities across Australia and helps our emergency teams to do their work. That includes the bushfires we’re currently seeing across NSW, QLD, VIC and SA, as well as disasters yet to come.

Questions for iMedX?

Please contact us here with any questions about this fundraiser.


Brad Foley

Written by Brad Foley

Brad Foley is the Vice President of Marketing at iMedX