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Virtual Scribe

More time with patients & less on documentation

Easy Documentation 

iMedX Echo is a complete mobile app and human-run service that fully integrates with your existing EHR platform to streamline medical documentation and restore an authentic physician-patient relationship. It is affordable, effective, and easy to implement.

Increased Productivity

Generate 20% more revenue and save 2 physician hours per day by eliminating hours of administrative and after clinic hours documentation.

Improve Your EHR ROI

Optimize your existing EHR and allow users to access it more easily without bogging it down.

Don’t Change Your EHR 

There’s no need to modify contracts or workflows; iMedX Echo works with most major EHRs, with more being added.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate your documentation burden and cut costs rather than having highly-paid physicians spend their time as data-entry clerks.

Improve Patient Interactions

Bring your focus back to the patient to improve each individual experience as well as patient retention.

Solve the Whole Problem

Don’t add another bandaid; increase efficiency, increase revenue, and improve patient satisfaction with one solution.

Mobilize Your Documentation

When you utilize iMedX Echo in your facility, you’re able to consolidate your vendor list while still catering to individual workflow preferences and making your physicians more efficient.

From the iMedX Echo app, providers can pick and choose from documentation tools like Virtual Scribes, Speech to text, Speech to EHR, and even traditional transcription.

Virtual Scribe

Physicians should be spending their time with patients and not creating documentation. iMedX Echo can record the patient encounter, and our expert, credentialed team of scribes, converts the audio to usable documentation directly in your EHR. The physician has final approval over all inputs to ensure accuracy and that the best care is provided to the patient.

Speech to Text

For quick notes and documentation additions, speech to text is the ideal solution. iMedX Echo utilizes multiple speech processing engines to ensure best in class accuracy and speed. A physician can select Speech to Text instead of Scribe for shorter or less technical notes they want to enter quickly.


iMedX Echo can integrate with most video call platforms, such as Zoom or Facetime, to track and launch appointments and capture documentation. With COVID-19 moving more patients to telehealth, iMedX Echo is ready to ensure workflows do not need to change and all necessary health information is captured, and documentation is created.


Speech to EHR

AirMic enables Physicians to enter text directly to the EHR from their mobile device. With the EHR open on a computer, the physician can quickly add additional notes. As with Speech to Text within iMedX Echo, AirMic utilizes multiple speech processing engines to deliver unparalleled accuracy.

Why iMedX Echo?

Why Physicians Choose iMedX Echo

  • Simple and easy to use technology with customization
  • Significantly less time spent on documentation
  • Reduced burnout and stress
  • More time with patients to diagnose and provide care
  • Instant retrieval of EHR data for engaging patient visits
  • No need for additional after-hours documentation

Why Managers Choose iMedX Echo

  • Direct connection to popular EHRs to improve ROI
  • Increased number of patients per physician per day
  • Increased revenue (as much as 20%)
  • Improved patient satisfaction and retention
  • Less stress on clinic staff (MA’s, PA’s, etc.)
  • Fully HIPAA compliant PHI storage with 256-bit AES encryption

Why Patients Want iMedX Echo

  • More time to speak with the doctor
  • Can connect with their doctor from home with telehealth
  • Shorter wait times for their appointment
  • Faster appointments overall
  • No embarrassment of having a Scribe in the exam room
  • Increased satisfaction with their experience

See iMedX Echo in Action

Learn more about our virtual scribe solution and how it can elevate your facility.