Subcategory codes for Intestinal Obstruction

New subcategory codes have been added to identify the severity of the Intestinal obstruction. The subcategories are K56.5, Intestinal adhesions with obstruction, K56.6, Other and unspecified intestinal obstruction, and K91.3, Postprocedural intestinal obstruction.

ICD-10-CM Coding Clinic Fourth Qtr. 2017, pg. 16


"Chronic" Non-Pressure Ulcer

To provide additional information regarding severity of non-pressure ulcers of the lower limb, not elsewhere classified, sixty-three new codes have been created for category L97. Additionally, nine new codes were created for subcategory L98.4, Non-pressure chronic ulcer of skin, not elsewhere classified, for the same descriptions of severity. The new codes identify muscle and or bone involvement without necrosis and other specified severity.

ICD-10-CM Coding Clinic Fourth Qtr. 2017, pg. 17


Excludes Note: Malnutrition and Malabsorption

There are conflicting Excludes notes for categories E40-E46 and K00-K95. Malnutrition has an excludes 1 note and malabsorption has an excludes 2 note. These are two separate conditions which can exist together or independently, therefore may be coded together.

ICD-10-CM Coding Clinic Fourth Qtr. 2017, pg. 108