Today is Bake Cookies Day! Whip up a batch and share with a co-worker! Today we will focus on CPT advice noted in CPT Assistant October 2017.


Subcutaneous Advancement Flap for Closure

Code 19301 should be used when coding a subcutaneous advancement flap for closure after a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy. Closure work is included in code 19301 – so additional codes of 14000 or 14001 are not needed.

CPT Assistant, October 2017, pg 9


Cystourethroscopy with Dilation

52281 should be reported for a diagnostic cystourethroscopy turned to dilation due to urethral stricture to complete the procedure. Code 52000 is included in code 52281 and would not be reported separately.

CPT Assistant, October 2017, pg 9


Embolization in the Small Peripheral Arteries

Vascular embolization for treatment of hemorrhage would be coded to 37244. Diagnostic work prior to embolization is not included in code 37244 and will need to be separately reported.

CPT Assistant, October 2017, pg 9