This issue will cover CPT Assistant 2017 changes highlighted in the Medicine/Pulmonary Diagnostic Testing and Therapies of the CPT code set for 2018.


94617 and 94618 - Added

94617 – Exercise Test for bronchospasm, including pre- and post-spirometry, pulse oximetry, and electocardiographic recording(s).

94618 – Pulmonary stress testing, including measurement of heart rate, oximetry, and oxygen titration, when performed.

CPT Assistant, Oct 2017, page 3


94620 - Deleted

94620 – Pulmonary Stress Testing: simple has been deleted for 2018. In it’s place, report CPT code 94618.

CPT Assistant, Oct 2017, page 3


94621 - Revised

94621 – Complex has been revised for 2018 to account for exercise testing for bronchospasm, pulmonary stress testing and cardiopulmonary testing procedures. Be sure to check the parenthetical guidelines that have been added for assistance coding these procedures.

CPT Assistant, Oct 2017, page 3