Enable, manage, and track clinical coding & auditing on one streamlined platform

Remote Coding & Auditing with Ease

CodeR is an easy-to-use cloud platform where medical professionals upload and share medical documents with remote clinical coders and auditors. Through seamlessly shared and tracked documentation, hospitals are able to share records with supervisors and coders for rapid remote coding and auditing. This real-time access to medical records enables a fast turnaround time of coded data for any healthcare provider regardless of the organisation’s local resources and location.

How it Works

Housed in one centralised location, CodeR brings your coding workflow into an easy-to-use cloud platform for managers, supervisors, coders, and auditors. Patient records are scanned onsite/via 3rd party and uploaded to the CodeR platform for distribution to coders and auditors located offsite.

Files are scanned and uploaded

Supervisors assign files to coders and auditors

Coders access files and complete work

Coders gain insight into their personal metrics

Managers can see vital coding metrics and identify potential coding issues

Detailed Coding Workflow Reporting

Extensive reporting functionality in CodeR provides managers a deep understanding of their coding workflow. From reporting broad hospital numbers or specific output from an individual clinical coder, CodeR delivers information through clean and clear reports.

Supervisors have complete visibility into the coding workflow with dynamic reports on productivity, volumes, priorities, turnaround times, audits, and reconciliation. The vital coding workflow metrics which have historically been limited to expensive EMR systems are now available with ease through CodeR. Coders also gain access to personal reporting metrics on their productivity, volumes, and turnaround times.

Security & Privacy

As a major provider of Medical Transcription and Clinical Coding services in Australia and New Zealand, iMedX highly values and prioritises privacy, confidentiality and security for all clients. Subsequently, we have implemented a thorough security program to ensure that compliance is maintained throughout the organisation. All information is stored locally in Australia. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and infrastructure is ISO27001 accredited.


Ensuring only authorised users only have access to a minimal subset of data that is sufficient to carry out the function for which they have been tasked or engaged.


Ensuring the collection and sharing of data about an individual or business that is has a contracted relationship with iMedX, remains within its control at all times.


Safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information including its long and short term storage, processing and distribution.


Ensuring that information is available when and where needed to authorised users.

Leverage Our Expert Coders & Auditors

Our team of coders and auditors have a minimum of 5 years of coding experience with our auditors having an additional 3 years minimum of auditing experience. All are Australian qualified and competent in all specialties and care types. Our core purpose is to provide continuous, accurate & timely services for all your coding and auditing needs. All are ready to be rapidly deployed on the CodeR system. Learn more about our coding and auditing services.

Want to learn more?

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