Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Supporting your journey to best practice clinical documentation.

Effective clinical documentation is critical for hospitals.

To improve patient safety

To ensure effective communication across the patient journey

To provide appropriate and accurate reimbursement for service provision

Poor documentation increases the risk of adverse patient safety events

Documentation queries can cost the hospital up to 1 hour per day for many coders

Poor documentation can cost the hospital $1000 per episode*

*on a targeted sample of 200 episodes.

What is CDI

CDI is the process of improving the quality of documentation in medical records.

iMedX CDI solutions meet you where you’re at in your CDI journey.

The iMedX difference

iMedX CDI solutions deliver a self-funded solution that provides guidance and governance implementing a CDI program in a long-lasting and sustainable way.



We use a data-led approach to identify potential revenue optimisation opportunities. Where available, these revenue opportunities can then be used to sustainably fund the program.


Solutions are designed in modules that work to enhance existing CDI initiatives and build on one another. The modular delivery approach allows for embedding culture change as the program evolves.


The iMedX CDI team actively work in hospitals today. We know that each hospital is unique with subtleties in culture that need to be understood to drive effective outcomes.

Pillars of the solution


We work with you to assess the effectiveness of your documentation practices today to establish a baseline. Then use this to identify specific CDI focus areas for program evolution, and most critically look for revenue maximisation opportunities to fund your program.


In partnership with your team, we deliver program modules that align to where you’re at in your journey. 


Mentoring and support to mitigate program degradation and ensure sustainable culture change.

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