Clinical Coding Careers

Clinical Coding Careers

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Clinical coders play the essential role of converting diagnoses and procedures found in medical records to the universal language of ICD-10 codes. These codes are used in every facet of healthcare including billing, health services management, health resource allocation, education, clinical research, and epidemiological studies. Clinical coding is a specialised skill that requires knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, disease processes and analytical skills. While they have a challenge career, clinical coders take great pride and accomplishment from their work.

For many years, there has been a shortage of full-time clinic coders in hospitals, leading to backlogs and delays for patients and providers. iMedX Australia solves this problem by bringing the best clinical coders together and helping providers complete their coding quickly and accurately.

Working in Clinical Coding

Working Clinical Coding is a reward career that is ever growing, and working with iMedX is even better!

Offered client services include:

  • Clinical Coding Audits
  • Coding Optimisation
  • Remote Clinical Coding- work from home! Short and long term jobs
  • Onsite Clinical Coding in a range of locations! Short and long term jobs

Benefits and Perks of Working with iMedX:

  • Extremely flexible working hours
  • Choice of assignments
  • State-of-the-art communication tools
  • Respectful leadership that ensures you are treated professionally and who encourages and listens to your ideas

Move between Clinical Coding and Coding Auditing:

  • Work from home or onsite – or choose both and switch
  • Highly competitive pay rates
  • Depending on your personal preference for assignments travel nationally or internationally

How Does it Work?

Flexible to your needs

Upon registering as a Clinical Coder or Auditor with iMedX you will be given access to a calendar and schedule.

You can add in your time-off periods and availability throughout the year.  Based on your preferences and your availability, iMedX will match you to client jobs whenever there is work matched to your requirements available.


To be successful in this role you must have the following skills and experience!

  • Recognised qualifications in Clinical Coding/Health Information Management
  • Four years experience coding with ICD-10-AM
  • Current knowledge of ACS and ACCD rules
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to take the initiative, and to work independently, and as part of a cohesive team
  • For auditing report writing ability is required
  • For auditing demonstrated analytical skills are essential
  • For all assignments outstanding ability to work to timelines and targets, and prioritise workloads is a must

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